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Founded in 1999, our factory has grown rapidly. After 13 years of development, at present, our company covers an area of 646,000 square feet. At the moment, we have around 500 workers.

We specialize in manufacturing single-phase AC motors, metal fans and blower including domestic fans, industrial fan, axial flow blowers and centrifugal blowers which totally over 400 models. Almost all the products have got UL, CUL, GS, CE, PSE and CB approval. Besides, we have 13 years industrial and exportation experience. All the products, including motor, are in-house production.

Our main markets are Europe, United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Korea and Middle East. We OEM and ODM for some famous brand and company, for example B&Q, Electrolux, John Lewis, Sanyo, Restoration hardware and True Value. The export value is more than USD10million in 2008.

Our monthly production capacity:
Motor: 200,000pcs / month
Metal desk fan: 80,000pcs / month
Drum fan or industrial fan: 100,000pcs/ month

We have some of advanced production equipment and testing equipment such as automatic punching, double-acting hydraulic press, digital motor testing system, torque measuring device

We also have advanced laboratory and computerized air volume testing system to support our quality system and product R&D.

What’s worth to be mentioned, working plant 3 is for manufacturing 24” to 48” big fans and has already started the production on last July. There are 3 assembly lines in plant 3, which are designed especially for manufacturing drum fans and industrial fans. All components, parts and motors are delivered directly to every work station by the automatic hanged transmitted device. Differing from other assembly plants, no drum body or other parts are stacked besides the passage of assembly lines. So we can avoid blocking the passage and improve the assembling efficiency. You also hardly see the auxiliary workers to move the parts here. The erectors do not need to move these heavy parts away from their working station. Therefore, it can greatly reduce the work intensity and also transferring time is saved. The assembling efficiency can be improved, so it only takes 30 seconds to assemble one 24” drum fan on every assembly line. Because of these 3 advanced assembly lines, the monthly production capacity for drum fans can reach to 100,000 pcs. Not only 15% labors can be saved but also the production efficiency improves 25%. In this way, we can reduce the production cost and strengthen the competitiveness of our products.

We concentrate on products’ creation and improvement and develop many special and competitive products. We have obtained patents for 41items such as our retro decorative desk fan have already patented in 27 countries and also it is one of OEM products for John Lewis.

Streamline drum fan is our own-designed product, its air flow is more focusing and longer air delivery distance. Take 28” streamline drum fan for example, its air delivery distance is 2 times than the traditional 28” drum fan.

C series drum fan uses our own special-designed motor. The motor is efficient, powerful, energy-saving and low cost. It has strong wind as traditional drum fan.

Slim drum fan has stronger wind than the traditional drum fan but also light weight and small packing size. These advantages could cut down the production cost from 13% to17% and shipping cost from 17.5% to 39%. Reduction on shipping cost is especially important in the ocean shipping trade nowadays.

Outdoor centrifugal blower is one of our patented products. Because of its special structure, the blowers not only can be used in the rainy outdoor but also can cut down the cost greatly. This product has already exported to US.

Dual-voltage drum fan is suitable for 240V and 110V and automatic voltage selection. This product is our special design for UK market and has already been sold to Britain for 3 years. B&Q also select this product.

The fan with light is our new-developed product. The light on the fan is convenient for night use especially in the place without light. The light is omni-directional adjusting. You can turn the light where you need it. When you do not use it, just fold and retract the light to save space. The packing size is the same as the fan without light.

Besides the light on the fan, we also put a socket on the fan. You could connect the electric tools to the socket when you want to use these tools. It is no need to find another socket in other places. It is more convenient for the consumers.

Orbit drum fan is one of our creative products. It can be adjusted for omni-directional air flow and is much more convenient for the users.

Hope the brief introduction would give you a good impression on our company and products. Welcome to visit our factory.

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